Community Events

All over the country, people whose lives have been affected by brain tumors are organizing Community Events to support the National Brain Tumor Society's work. In addition to raising much-needed funds for our programs, these local events also have a significant impact in raising awareness about brain tumors. Creating a Community Event can be a fun and meaningful project for friends and family, as well as an engaging way to reach out to new people in your area. Start your event today!

See upcoming Community Events benefiting the National Brain Tumor Society, or browse our list of past event ideas below.

Plan Your Own Event

Have a great idea for an event? Almost any fundraiser you can think of can be held to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society. How you choose to fundraiser is limited only by your imagination and ambition – you can plan a bike ride, run, or walk, or hold a golf, bowling, or tennis tournament. You can also hold a dinner, dance, auction, bake sale, or garage sale.

With our online tool for events like yours, fundraising to benefit our programs and to raise awareness is easier than ever. There are a number of ways that we can support you in your efforts to make a difference in the fight against brain tumors, and we are eager to talk with you about your ideas. To get started, or if you have any questions, please contact us at 617-924-9997 or

We know that the experience will be deeply rewarding and we encourage you to connect with as many people as possible to support this incredible cause!

Fundraising Ideas

Here are some examples of past fundraising events.

Still not sure what to do? Plan a bowling night in your area!

 Visit the AMF Bowling website. Simply enter your zip code at the bottom of the page to find your local lanes.

 Fill out the online form and be sure to add “National Brain Tumor Society” as your Organization Name.

Personal Fundraising Pages

Set up your own fundraising page where your participants can donate online.

Already created a fundraising page? Visit your Campaign Center to view or edit your page.

We look forward to collaborating with you. Your efforts play a vital role in supporting our pursuit of a cure for brain tumors.