My Life Didn't End It Just Started


I was 19 literally months after my high school graduation, had my first part time job and I was new to the area just started to get new friends and I started having this weird discharge in my right breast I think I waited awhile thinking it was something normal and i was wrong after about 3 months it didnt stop and i finally went to a doctor who took my insurance because it was a part time insurance company so my job picked a crappy place noone heard of before and when I saw the doctor she put 19 year girl,discharge in breast and come up with YOUR PREGNANT there was noone I was pregnant I didn't even have a boyfriend at that time so she did a pregnancy test and it was negative but she also took blood and my prolactin level was really high and set me up with a MRI I had a 3mm tumor in my pituary gland. This crumbled my father who had several surgeries and had the same tumor in the same spot and he never thought I couldve gotten it I was hes second child and my brother never had it but I did. Why Now? Why This? I never had any serious medical problems but a few baby skin problems I went on DOSTINEX(CABERGOLINE is the subsititue) one pill a week.

Im 25 now 2 kids no surgery yet they found another tumor on my right pituary gland. I dont know how im gonna tell them mommie needs surgery when it happens. The leaky discharge ended a year ago it was the most embrassing thing ever.

My first born my son saved me he fixed everything in my body I didn't need a MRI for almost 2 years then I lost a baby and got sick in 2010 after my daughter. My doctors thought if I got pregnant when I first started medications it could have serious effects so I said im off the meds let god do his work and I want a baby before I can't have any the only thing I want is to be a mommie if I lose my chance ill never forgive myself.

My life began when I became a mommie i didnt give up and im not giving up now . Im finally in college in the medical field and I graduate this year with an associate degree in occupational science and my kids are my inspiration. Find a cure, I just wanna be healthy no more headaces, no more MRIS and no more bloodworks.