Making Brain Tumors History in 2016 and Beyond!

Brain tumors are devastating, often deadly, and life-changing. Yet, there is no cure – and very few effective treatments. Historically, there is a lack of awareness and lack of funding for research to change this.

But YOU’VE created a movement – tens of thousands of you joined us at fundraising or advocacy events this year. YOU’VE created momentum – there are more than 500 medicines currently in development for brain tumors.

Because of you, we’re on the path to progress. Because of you, we’re making transformational changes to the brain tumor research landscape. You have a chance to be a part of history. With a gift today you can etch your name in history as one of the drivers of change for this cause. You CAN impact the course of this disease and help us make it history!

National Brain Tumor Society is a community-driven organization – and we are only as strong as the support and dedication of everyone from across the brain tumor community generously bestows upon us. And, as another year ends, we thank you for helping create impact for brain tumor patients across the world. Your efforts, passion, and assistance will undoubtedly be the catalysts to help achieve a better future for those suffering with brain tumors.

Through the combined resources and commitment of this community we can achieve another year of unprecedented progress. Just look at what we accomplished this year, through your support:

We are at an inflection point in the fight against brain tumors, and with your continued support, we can tip the scale in our favor.

Please consider giving an End-of-Year donation by touching or clicking on the Donation button on this page. Your donation is tax deductible, and will be helping hundreds-of-thousands of brain tumor patients by accelerating the pace of new discoveries and their translation to more effective medicines!

Thank you again for your generosity

(P.S. remember to share your story and experiences living with a brain tumor here, to help us better serve you)