#BTAM = #BTeAM in 2017

happy-crowdMay is Brain Tumor Awareness Month (BTAM). But don’t just be “aware” – Get involved and TAKE ACTION – join our Brain Tumor Team as we work to Defeat Brain cancer in so many different ways.

#BTAM = #BTeAM in 2017.

Like any successful, winning Team, EVERY ONE of you has a role to play and a job to do.

  • Volunteer at an NBTS fundraising event to help participants have an amazing experience.
  • Read and share our informative blog content with your networks, friends, and family – “get up to speed” on the latest content from the brain tumor experts.
  • View our Expert Video Session on May 25 with Dr. Paul Mischel to learn about his most recent brain tumor research discoveries.
  • Join the Twitter Team and engage in our BTAM Twitter chat on May 18.
  • Become a public policy advocate, and work align yourself with more than 38,000 NBTS advocates across the country in giving brain tumor patients a voice in Congress. It’s EASY!
  • Consider joining (or having loving patient join) a clinical trial – but first, use our new Clinical Trial Finder to find brain tumor trials in your area.
  • Register your own Team at your closest NBTS Brain Tumor Walk, Ride, Race, or Polar Plunge fundraising events. Check out the entire list of events in your area HERE.
  • Create your own community event in your town, city, state – and raise money for brain tumor research.
  • Learn about our aggressive, unique Defeat GBM and Defeat Pediatric Brain Tumors Research Collaboratives and directly impact groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Join the brain tumor community around the world, and be an active member of the Brain Tumor Team by DONATING to NBTS in our annual Brain Tumor Awareness Month APPEAL. Please share our donation URL link with your friends, family, and your social or personal networks.


View More: http://rachelsellnerphotography.pass.us/braintumorwalkpart2And, let’s defeat Brain Tumors as quickly as we can by working as a global team.

NBTS-funded discoveries and advocacy results have happened this year:

  • In early 2017, Defeat GBM funded research made the paradigm-shifting discovery that small fragments of circular extrachromosomal DNA are found in high numbers in brain tumors, opening the door for manipulating tumor cells.
  • In 2016, the potential use of non-invasive “liquid” biopsies and liquid biomarkersbegan to emerge, with multiple papers – including a seminal work also funded by the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative – paving the way for new advances in the diagnosis, monitoring, treatment planning, and research of brain tumors – both primary and metastatic.
  • In 2016, Researchers at Ludwig Cancer Research, San Diego – funded through NBTS’ Defeat GBM Research Collaborative– discovered, how glioblastoma (GBM) tumors exploit the brain’s unique metabolism to import vast amounts of cholesterol, creating a dependency, and, importantly, how attacking the mechanisms these tumors use to do so may halt this deadly cancer’s growth.
  • The 21st Century Cancer Cures Act has been signed into law, helping to direct more funding and services to those living with all types of cancer, including brain tumors.
  • The Childhood Cancer STAR Act is in Congress and could be signed into law this year, to help drive new processes for helping kids with cancer.
  • NBTS granted $1.5 million dollars in 2016 for new research initiatives directed at low-grade gliomas.


Join our BTeAM now, and help us win in the battle against brain tumors.