Raise Your #BTVoice


May is Brain Tumor
Awareness Month


Brain Tumor Patients Need Treatments Now – Their Lives Depend on It

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month (#BTAM). Let’s raise our voices to make sure the world understands the challenges that brain tumor patients face. But more important, let’s push hard for better treatments and research funding to get to a cure!

Brain tumors can strike anyone – they don’t discriminate by heritage, age, gender, or where you live. Many individuals diagnosed with brain tumors are historically healthy, vibrant people. Brain tumors can cause physical, emotional, and cognitive problems that will change your life forever. And patients with the most aggressive glioblastoma tumors have a 5.5% chance of living 5 years or more. Kids with DIPG may live for the length of an average school year.

Someone you love or care about could be diagnosed in the future…

We hope you’ll raise your Voice to support individuals with brain tumors by getting involved TODAY and fulfilling our call to action to DONATETAKE ACTION ● BECOME AN ADVOCATE  ● SPREAD THE WORD, ●  SHARE YOUR STORY.

Only through a sustained, combined effort of constant awareness from everyone in the brain tumor community and beyond will we finally get to better treatments that work.

Please consider joining the National Brain Tumor Society in the following ways:

  • #BTAM – Share NBTS blog and email content with your friends and family, and share our social media posts by using the hashtag #BTAM. Sign up for our emails HERE and follow or like our Facebook page at @braintumors and Twitter at @NBTStweets or Instagram at
  • #BTVoice- COMING SOON – Our #BTVoice videos of patients describing their challenges and hopes. Real live people with extraordinary stories to tell. Spread the word and share their voices with the hashtag #BTVoice.
  • DONATE – To our BTAM Appeal for 2018 so we can raise money to drive new research and fund public policy that will help us beat brain tumors more quickly. Please share our donation URL link with your friends, family, and your social or personal networks.