Our anniversary news

Last November 2016 this all began. My husband was going away for work to Texas for 2 weeks. He would be away for our anniversary so asked me to join him for the 2 weeks. I agreed and our oldest son who is 23 would stay at our house to take car of our 12 and 7 year old boys. The boys we’re all excited of course! We left for Texas from PA on Sunday. It was a nice trip and we went Sunday evening wnjotpying our little get away before my husband went to work Monday. Monday was good and relaxing to be away. I made plans to drive out to the beach on Tuesday while my husband was working.

Tuesday we woke up, had breakfast a together and then he left for the day. I went back a to the hotel room and took alittle nap, since it was raining and there would be no beach day.. I was woken up not being able to get a breath, I noticed I was having a seizure. It passed and I texted my husband telling him what had happened, I could not talk In an understandable way. I rested after that, took a nap and felt better a couple hours later. I decided to walk next store to grab lunch to bring back to the hotel. While walking back I felt another seizure coming on. I sat in the grass in the side of a highway and had another seizure. When it was over I called my husband and he met we back at the hotel along with his boss. They immediately took me to the hospital. The hospital was great, they did all a kinds of tests. The MRI found a tumor on the right front side of my brain. They scheduled surgery for that coming friday morning.

I had surgery Friday 11/11/16, our anniversary.. Great anniversary memories for sure!! Pathology reports came back a a couple days later showing glioblastoma class 4. It was the worse news we have ever received. I was In the hospital for a week, great vacation right!? I was given 12-18 months to live.

We are fighting everyday and we refuse to a lose this fight. I am not ready to leave my boys. They are only 23,13 and 8. We will keep fighting to live. Every day is a gift for us. That is how we look at each day now. Really puts things in perspective..