Live the Dash The Thomas Reynolds Story

There will be no graduation. No prom, no wedding plans, no children of his own. My son and hero Thomas Reynolds was able to live to the age of 13. By that time, Thomas had already become a six time cancer survivor, fighting ependymoma brain tumors, and treatment related AML.

On October my son, my hero and a hero to everyone he met, would take his last breath in my brokenhearted arms. He was surrounded by the loves of his life, his mimi and pops. Thomas lost out on 64 years of life. There would be no more Met games, no more laughs, hugs, kisses, cuddling, or anymore dreams for Thomas. His goals were simple and twofold. Thomas aspired to be a regular kid. You see that was impossible because he was already extraordinary.

Secondly, Thomas wanted to help kids just like him. He did that every day of his last year’s of life. Thomas’ life was not about cancer, even though he fought for 11 of his 13 years. His life was every bit about how Thomas chose to live his life. He was the first to give away the baseball he received from his favorite player, to ensure that other children had something to smile about. Thomas was the boy who thought and prayed for others before himself.. On a night before one of his 5 brain surgeries, Thomas and I knelt down to pray.

He told me he wanted to pray for his friend, who was battling cancer as well. Reluctantly, I allowed him to pray for his friend, while I prayed for Thomas. That was my son. He was loved and respected by all, not because of cancer, but in spite of cancer. I try all of my remaining days to live as my hero would. I try to Live the Dash for my only perfect son Thomas Reynolds