Community here. Breakthroughs ahead.

We have a new look!

National Brain Tumor Society is excited to announce the launch of our newly refreshed brand. Our hope is that these changes will fuel the brain tumor community to power the critical breakthroughs that lie ahead.

For more than 30 years, NBTS has been relentless in our efforts to cure brain tumors and improve quality of life for patients and caregivers. We have collaborated on groundbreaking research, held our government accountable to prioritize the many unique needs of the brain tumor community, and provided support and personal guidance to those who need it most. Over the years, we have evolved along with the brain tumor community, and we have adapted our strategy to address new challenges.

Today, our strategy is laser-focused on powering the most promising science, making broad changes at the government level, and helping patients and caregivers. We are committed to bridging medical academic research and the life sciences industry to bring new treatments to patients, faster. Our treatments strategy pinpoints areas of cancer research that are primed for development, and we are making investments to realize their potential.

Philanthropy alone is not enough to solve the complex challenge of brain tumors, which is why NBTS convenes and mobilizes our community to advocate for increased federal funding. And we provide our community with resources at every stage of the brain tumor experience to ensure that every patient gets the best personalized treatment possible.

We spoke with many of you – patients, caregivers, loved ones, researchers, doctors – about how we could make our brand stronger and our website more useful and accessible. By improving our brand, we aim to expand our reach both to more individuals who need help navigating their brain tumor experience and to the broader community who can join us as we champion and fundraise for change, together.

And while we are excited about our new look, we want our dedicated fundraisers, donors, advocates, and friends to know that we are still the same welcoming and supportive community, and our work in research and advocacy will continue, unrelenting. This is the community that helped lay the groundwork for real progress in the brain tumor space, and this is the community that will conquer and cure brain tumors — once and for all.

Community here. Breakthroughs ahead.™

National Brain Tumor Society Logo

About our new logo

It’s not a brain, exactly. It’s the complex labyrinth that a patient and caregiver face along the brain tumor experience. It’s the winding path of a treatment from an abstract idea to a clinical trial to the development and delivery of treatments that better manage disease and cure it. It’s the embrace of a community that comes together to support each other and advocate for real, tangible change. It’s an organization that will stop at nothing to find a cure and better quality of life for brain tumor patients and their loved ones.

About the brand rollout

Please pardon our appearance as we transition to our new look and feel! We will be updating our logo, colors, and tagline over the next few months, so there’s a chance you’ll come upon our old brand as you browse our materials.

We are hard at work reimagining our website to improve your experience! In August 2022, we will launch our newly redesigned website. We hope that our new site, restructured for easier navigation and optimized for accessibility and readability, helps you along your journey, and inspires you to take action in the fight to conquer and cure brain tumors. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and feedback to help us improve.