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In Loving Memory My Husband Wade A.Wilmot Jr.

Published on May 20, 2019 in Share Your Story

My Husband, Wade Wilmot, was diagnosed August 27th with a brain tumor and they scheduled surgery the next day. He was admitted to the Grossmont Hospital surgical intensive care unit. There was hope that the tumor would be removed and he start chem etc. After craniotomy surgery we were informed that Wade had Glioblastoma GBM4. Matastized everywhere. His prognosis was grave and I had to at that point do the hardest thing a spouse can possible do. I signed the DNR.

We did comfort care and stayed with him as he took his last breaths. Wade was a loving husband father grandfather and one of Califirnia best Certified Arborist for New Way Landscaping and Tree where he worked for 19 years. Wade and I were together since 16years old. We married 18 had 2 kids and grandchildren. A blessed 43 yrs of marriage. And yet here we were watching our world and heaviest strongest man we know die just 4 days after his fatal diagnosis. I hate this disease. Its cruel and so much needs to be done to find a cure. Now I look for a way to live and go on. Wade earned his wings 8/31/18 #RIPWADEWILMOT #curebraincancer #hatebraincancer

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