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Our Greatest Battle

Published on October 23, 2014 in Share Your Story

Our Greatest Battle


July 20th of 2014 was supposed to be a day of celebration because it was our native country’s independence day, but instead it became the worst day of our lives. We took my mom to the ER for a really bad headache and received the news that she had a Brain Tumor and she was going to be admitted for surgery three days later.

Her tumor results were in and it was a malignant primary tumor, right now she is doing outpatient treatment of radiation therapy in conjunction with oral chemotherapy. This has been very difficult on us and on her since she has never had any health problems. She has gone from an active independent hard working mother to a day of regimen and routine to follow with all these treatments.

We have been lucky to have a great support system and continue to make awareness because just like any other disease you can never have enough support. We are in week 3 of treatment and hoping for the best. We have joined this cause to help with the research that needs to be done so that one day in the future a family doesn’t have to go through this and there can finally be a cure.

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