Advancing Research to Treatments (ART)


On May 8, 2013, National Brain Tumor Society hosted the Advancing Research to Treatments (ART) for Brain Tumors conference in Washington, DC. At this inaugural event, we brought together over 100 brain tumor researchers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical executives, venture capital (VC) investors, and brain tumor patients to discuss the challenges surrounding therapeutic development and patient access. More specifically, the conference attendees and panelists gathered to better understand why a lack of brain tumor treatments exists despite tremendous gains in today’s research.

“The biggest thing you have to do is get people together, get the energy going, and get the connections started.”

–Skip Irving, Health Advances


Panel Discussions: Overview & Participants

During the conference, three panel discussions were held to hear the distinct perspectives of the venture capital community, industry, and government – as each play a vital role in advancing brain tumor research and supporting the availability of treatments to patients. In addition, National Brain Tumor Society-funded researchers showcased their latest drug candidates in hopes of moving them to clinical trial much sooner. See the full conference program.

Panel: Venture capitalists share their perspectives on determining whether to license, invest in, or spin out a company from an academic asset or drug candidate

Panel 2: Key executives from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries discuss primary criteria for determining whether to license an academic brain tumor asset or drug candidate

Panel 3: Federal government employees from the National Institute for Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS) outline the resources available for brain tumor researchers to obtain advice and funding for translational research

To view each presenter’s live presentation, please hover over the image to display the video controls. You can also access the presenter’s slides and selected publications.

Overview of Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)

A landscape analysis of GBM including an overview of the treatment paradigm, market sizing, and unmet needs

Skip Irving, MBA:
Partner and Managing Director, Health Advances
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Drug Candidate Presentations

National Brain Tumor Society-funded researchers present drug candidates available for clinical trial consideration

Charles Conrad, MD
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
WP1122: Anti-glycolysis Agent

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Lawrence Lamb, Jr., PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chemotherapy-resistant Cell Therapy

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Duane Mitchell, MD, PhD
Duke University
Therapeutic Vaccines Targeting CMV Antigens

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John Sampson, MD, PhD
Duke University
EGFRvIII-targeted BiTEs (Bispecific T-cell Engagers)

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