Community Research Fund

The Community Research Fund Program allows donors to impact progress by funding research on a specific tumor type that directly affects their lives. This is especially important for brain tumors such as oligodendroglioma, hypothalamic hamartoma, mixed glioma, and many others that are rare and often do not receive as much attention from researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

This program leverages a team of highly experienced, nationally-recognized scientific experts, working with National Brain Tumor Society staff, to determine the best investment strategy for each fund. Donations large and small can be earmarked and combined to fund a two-year grant of $300,000, the minimum grant amount necessary to conduct significant research studies. While one individual or family may not be able to fund a research grant in its entirety, combining their donations with others can make a meaningful impact.

Once donors interested in the same type of tumor research have raised a minimum of $300,000, NBTS will announce a Request for Applications for its Innovation Research Grant. This program is designed to support catalytic research projects that will significantly move the field forward. These may include “out-of-the-box” projects or transformative research geared to driving development of new therapies. The applications will be assessed by our staff and formally reviewed by our nationally recognized Scientific Advisory Council – made up of 27 brain tumor experts from the country’s leading research facilities.

Active Community Research Fund Programs

For more information about the Community Research Fund Program contact Wendi Nance Huff at