Oligo Progress Report



Gliomas are one of the most common types of primary brain tumors and make up approximately 80% of all malignant primary brain tumors. This group includes oligodendroglioma. Low-grade glioma patients are severely underserved due to the historic lack of research and treatment development in these rare cancer types.

Since 2013, NBTS has funded projects from top researchers focusing on oligodendroglioma. To date, this research has identified key advances in the knowledge of oligodendroglioma tumors, and how they grow and develop. These new insights will help pave the way to more effective treatments for this tumor type.

Download the latest Oligodendroglioma Research Progress Report.

This report focuses specifically on NBTS funded research related to oligodendroglioma. It shares highlights of the progress made over a seven year time span, as well as promising new work underway aimed at advancing cutting-edge, treatments-focused research with the potential to change the future for brain tumor patients and families.

Thanks to your generous support, we are now poised to advance promising therapies to the next stage of evaluation. At this pivotal time, continued philanthropic support will allow NBTS to bring forward a new class of promising approaches to be evaluated by leading brain tumor researchers, with the potential to change the landscape for patients living with oligodendroglioma.