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While Congress takes important steps to help the country through the COVID-19 pandemic, we must continue to share the needs of the brain tumor community with policymakers, including the vital importance of research that can help us conquer and cure brain tumors. During BTAM and beyond, we’ll offer easy-to-participate-in activities to make sure that our voices are still heard — loud and clear — throughout the Spring. Learn more below.

Brain Tumor Awareness Month Proclamations

As a way to further raise awareness and complement our national efforts, this Spring we asked advocates to join with #NBTS to request proclamations from their governors officially declaring May 2020 as #BrainTumorAwarenessMonth in their home states. #BTSM

We were thrilled to have advocates from nearly all 50 states participate in this effort! And while it was a challenging year for state governments to process such requests, we’re happy to now share that a number of states were able to successfully pass #BTAM resolutions!

Long-time AZ-based advocate Pati, with the Arizona proclamation

Mississippi advocate, Chris Smith, with the Mississippi proclamation

New Mexico advocate Jennifer Landman and her son Sam with the New Mexico proclamation

Here is advocate Holly Richard and her family in North Carolina with their State Proclamation

North Dakota advocate Brenda Kleinsasser with her state’s proclamation

Other State Proclamations:

NBTS 2020 Legislative Agenda

f you haven’t already, there’s no better time than now to familiarize (or re-familiarize) yourself with NBTS’s 2020 Legislative Agenda to prepare for opportunities to take action and advocate to Congress for our priorities during important points in the legislative calendar and process in the weeks and months ahead.

Head to the Hill 2020

On May 4, 2020, more than 1,300 brain tumor advocates flooded Congress with 4,567 messages asking for increased funding for brain tumor research. It was our largest Head to the Hill event ever.

So, while we certainly missed being able to see everyone in person, this year’s event remained profoundly impactful. The brain tumor community, with its full commitment and resolve on display, turned up in droves to take action by emailing and tweeting their members of Congress.

Follow the link below to read more and see some of the sights and sounds from what was an inspiring and moving show of strength from the brain tumor community.

Action Alerts

Stay tuned for opportunities to take action with us this Spring!

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