Our Work & Response to COVID-19

NBTS has been, and continues to be, on the frontlines of serving patients and families during this public health crisis by providing critical information and support, pooling knowledge and resources, and helping patients and families find and access appropriate treatment options, all while protecting themselves from the spread of COVID-19. Learn more below.

Stepping up for Patients and Families

NBTS is stepping up for patients and families during COVID-19 in both new and expanded ways. We are putting patients first by offering a weekly updated webpage, COVID-19: What our Brain Tumor Community Needs to Know, and recently announced a new initiative – the Personalized Support and Navigation Program. Patients and caregivers can now connect directly with NBTS’ Patient Navigator (a highly experienced neuro-oncology nurse) at patientnavigator@braintumor.org. Other patient-focused services include: the Brain Tumor Experience web portal, with free and trusted information that helps patients at every stage; the NBTS Clinical Trial Finder; and our monthly Brain Tumor Support Conversations, which offer a platform for digital, peer-to-peer support and community engagement, bringing people together to share perspectives, support, and insights.

NBTS is also working to ensure that Congress, the FDA, medical providers, and biopharmaceutical companies know what patients and caregivers need while on treatment – including clinical trials – during COVID-19, such as expanded telemedicine, providers with appropriate medical safety equipment (PPE), and the ability to access medications and blood draws near their homes. Now, more than ever, NBTS is helping patients and families every day as they face the dual crisis of COVID-19 and a brain tumor. Philanthropic support is critical as we continue to surge and expand these services during this unprecedented time, in service to the brain tumor community.

Ways to Support


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