DIY Fundraising

Bring together your family and friends, all at a safe distance, by turning an activity you enjoy into a fundraiser! Check out our new DIY Fundraising Toolkit for tips, inspiration, and examples of ways you can put the fun in fundraising from the comfort of your own home.

Host a DIY Virtual Fundraiser

Bring together your family and friends, all at a safe distance, by hosting a virtual DIY fundraiser to conquer and cure brain tumors. Consider one of the virtual fundraising ideas listed below or come up with your own!

Create a Fundraising Page

After you create and customize your personal fundraising page, send your fundraising page link to family and friends by email or social media to start fundraising. Next, reach out to your extended network.

Create the Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook Fundraising allows you to invite your friends and family to give a gift that will fund our brain tumor research and advocacy initiatives without even having to leave Facebook! Additionally, if you choose the National Brain Tumor Society as your charity, Facebook waves ALL fees, meaning that all of your donations go directly to the fight against brain tumors.

Here’s how:

  • Make sure the National Brain Tumor Society is selected as the non-profit for whom you’re raising funds. Choose a title that personalizes the fundraiser for your audience, like “Raise money for brain tumor research!” or “Support my birthday fundraiser!”.
  • Personalize Your Event. While National Brain Tumor Society has worked with Facebook to include a default description, your connection is unique. Tell invitees YOUR STORY!
  • Sound the Horn. Once you make it, it runs just like a Facebook event. You can add people to co-host your fundraiser, invite your friends to support you, share the fundraiser on your wall, and post regular updates. Don’t forget to thank the people who raise money, and use the fundraiser to post updates on your progress!

Take a Gray Nation Endurance challenge

Take on one of the below Gray Nation endurance challenges or choose your own, and set up your Gray Nation Endurance fundraising page to put meaning behind your social distancing miles and moves!

  • The Rep Challenge
    Set a goal of reps or miles you and/or your team want to achieve in a single workout or throughout the month.
  • The Marathon Challenge
    Commit to running or walking one mile per day for 26.2 days. Want something extreme? Run or walk one mile per hour for 26.2 hours as an individual or as a relay team.
  • The 5k Challenge
    Set a future run date, follow a 5k training plan, and take on the training to achieve the 3.1 miles.
  • The Race Challenge
    Register for a virtual or future in-person race, or choose another endurance event of your choosing, and take on the training in the following months to cross the start and finish.

Ways to Support


Make a gift today to advance the urgent, unmet needs of the brain tumor community.


Put the fun in fundraising from the comfort of your own home.


Join a loyal group of donors who give monthly in support of our mission.