Create a Facebook Fundraiser

One of the most effective ways to raise money for brain tumor research is also the easiest.

Facebook Fundraising allows you to invite your friends and family to give a gift that will fund our brain tumor research and advocacy initiatives without even having to leave Facebook! Additionally, if you choose the National Brain Tumor Society as your charity, Facebook waves ALL fees, meaning that all of your donations go directly to the fight against brain tumors.

Our supporters already use Facebook Fundraising on:

  • May’s Brain Tumor Awareness Month
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Milestones
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  • Giving Tuesday in November
  • To Honor & Celebrate brain tumor patients, survivors and care partners

Here is how you can join in the Facebook Fundraising:

  1. Create the Facebook Fundraiser. Click here for Facebook’s fundraiser instructions. Next, select National Brain Tumor Society as the no-profit for whom you’re raising funds. Choose a title that personalizes the fundraiser for your audience, like “Help Me on Giving Tuesday” or “Raise money for brain tumor research!”.
  2. Personalize Your Event. While National Brain Tumor Society has worked with Facebook to include a default description, your connection is uniqueTell invitees YOUR STORY! Are you raising money in memory of your father? Did you have a clean scan? Why this is important to you, will also be important to them. Also, change the cover photo. You can use any of ours, but perhaps you have event or personal photos that mean more to you.
  3. Sound the Horn. Once you make it, it runs just like a Facebook event. You can even add three people to co-host your fundraiser. That way you can reach more people related to the cause and help us find tomorrow’s treatments. Invite your friends with the tool, share the fundraiser on your wall, and post regular updates. Don’t forget to thank the people who raise money, and use the fundraiser to post updates on your progress!