Patients and Care Partners at the Heart of our End of Year Appeal

Approximately 70,000 people and their loved ones, unfortunately, joined the brain tumor community this year. They, like many others diagnosed with a brain tumor, were thrown into a world of uncertainty and life-threatening prognoses. When someone is diagnosed with a brain tumor, the patient and care partners are at the center of this new universe. Their lives change instantly and they must now navigate a new reality.

Doctors, researchers, friends, and family all rally around the patients and care partners – putting them first in their hearts and minds. And with your support and help, the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) can offer hope for improved treatments and a better quality of life for all those impacted by brain tumors.

Our brain tumor researchers have made groundbreaking discoveries in immunotherapy and cellular processes that could lead to new treatments and medicines. And our public policy and advocacy results have directly channeled increased funding to brain tumor research for children and adults.

NBTS is passionately committed to our patients and care partners – putting you first and working to meet the needs of all those in the brain tumor community. By giving again this year, you’ll also be putting patients first so we can conquer and cure brain tumors – once and for all.

Get Your Friends Involved in Your End of Year Fundraising!

One of the most effective ways to raise money for brain tumor research is also the easiest. Facebook fundraising allows you to invite your friends and family to give a gift that will fund our brain tumor research and advocacy initiatives without even having to leave Facebook! Additionally, if you choose the National Brain Tumor Society as your charity, Facebook waives all fees, meaning that all of your donations go directly to the fight against brain tumors. Learn how to set up your own Facebook Fundraiser HERE! You can also download a special Results and Action banner to use as part of your fundraiser.