We’re Fueling Community: The Lindberg Family

Instead of celebrating the joys of the holiday season, the Lindberg family spent Christmas 2015, coping with their 2-year-old daughter Makayla’s brain tumor diagnosis.

Situated between her optic nerve and pituitary gland, the location of Makayla’s tumor is too precarious to surgically remove. Doing so, doctors say, could potentially do more harm than good.

Despite these challenges, it’s been hard to slow Makayla, affectionately called “KK,” down. She’s constantly on the go ― aided by custom railings her father installed in the house, as well as braces on her lower legs to compensate for low muscle tone ― it’s just that “everything takes a little longer.” She even participates in swimming and gymnastics classes at the Lindberg’s local YMCA.

Marveling at KK’s moxie, her parents, Brian and Meredith Lindberg, decided to start their own Brain Tumor Walk in their hometown of Warick, Rhode Island, via NBTS’s Community Fundraiser program in support of its mission to invest in, mobilize, and unite the brain tumor community to discover a cure, deliver effective treatments, and advocate for patients and care partners.

In the two years since its inception, the RI Brain Tumor Walk has raised nearly $70,000, drawing nearly 500 attendees. The event has been so successful that the Lindberg’s continuing efforts to bring together and support the Rhode Island brain tumor community were publicly recognized by Rhode Island Governor Gina M. Raimondo this past April.

“The only thing a mom can do is fight back the only way we know-how and that’s to fight to find a cure, money for research, and just do everything we can,” says Meredith.

The Lindberg family’s work continues to bring together the Rhode Island community, where individuals strive towards the same goal; to connect with one another as they face similar challenges, to invest in actionable, treatment-focused research, and to one day discover a cure for brain tumors. 

The Lindberg’s are FUELING COMMUNITY to make sure patients and families have an outlet to connect, support each other, and rally together towards better treatments and cures.

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