I’m Fueling Awareness: Rebecca Connor

Six year old Mac Connor was diagnosed with pediatric glioblastoma in January 2012. The prognosis was dire.

Mac endured three brain surgeries, over 30 radiation treatments and countless rounds of chemotherapy.

As the treatments — none of them developed with a developing child’s fragility in mind — waged a war on Mac’s body, his family learned to live in a world of side effects, central line ports, and feeding tubes. They prayed that the potency of these poisons would be enough to destroy the cancer cells while they watched their vibrant little boy lose weight, his hair, and become pale.

In April, 2013, Mac was brought home on hospice. He was no longer responding to treatment and doctors were out of options.

Mac’s family kept him as comfortable as possible, but there is nothing comforting or peaceful about watching one’s 7-year-old son die from cancer. As his mother, Rebecca, describes it was like “someone had reached inside my chest and ripped my heart apart.” No doubt, Rebecca “would have given anything to trade places with him, given anything to take away his pain, and given anything to go back to [their] lives” before Mac’s fateful diagnosis.

Mac passed away on May 11, 2013 and is deeply missed every minute of every day. Rebecca, her husband, Bill, and Mac’s brother and best friend, Liam, live each day honoring his memory.

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2019, Rebecca shared her family’s heartbreaking story. Her words have moved many and shed light on the consequences inflicted by a disease for which medical breakthroughs have been too few and far between. Rebecca — like any parent who has lost a child to cancer — knows the desperate, urgent need for new, more effective treatments for pediatric brain tumor patients. Mac’s legacy demands it.

Rebecca is FUELING AWARENESS for the need to accelerate drug development for pediatric brain tumors.

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