Take a Shot Back at Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma takes so much from those impacted by the disease. Glioblastoma Awareness Day, is an opportunity to honor those that have been affected and take action to #DefeatGBM.

Use the following instructions to “Take a Shot Back to #DefeatGBM” by publishing a photo of yourself with the downloadable template below stating why you are Taking a Shot Back to #DefeatGBM (for example: “So no other person has to experience this disease.”) or who you are Taking a Shot Back for (e.g. “I’m Taking A Shot Back to #DefeatGBM for John”)

Unselfie Instructions 

  • Download and then print out the PDF template below for the Take a Shot Back sign
  • State why or who you are Taking a Shot Back to Defeat GBM in the empty/available space in the template
  • Take a shot of yourself holding up your sign (i.e. selfie)
  • Post your photo to social media tagging NBTS (@NBTStweets on Twitter; @braintumors on Facebook; and @natlbraintumorsociety on Instagram), and using the hashtags #DefeatGBM #GBMDay
  • Share and like others’ posts

Give today for GBM Awareness Day

On GBM Awareness Day, we honor the patients, families, and care partners who have faced glioblastoma — the most common, complex, treatment-resistant, and deadliest type of brain cancer. There is no question that the urgent and unmet needs of the GBM community continue to grow.

With such limited progress made in treating these aggressive and complex tumors, we know that the time to act is now. Make a gift today, and help to accelerate the rate at which we discover, develop, test, and approve new treatments, while working together to advance a cure.