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The first step in taking action to confront glioblastoma is to ensure you know the realities of the urgent medical need this disease presents, as well as the opportunities to make progress toward better treatments and a cure.


GBM Awareness Day Quiz

With just eight questions, take this quiz to see how much you already know (and learn what you might not) about GBM and its impact on the more than 13,000 families who will grapple with a diagnosis each year. When you finish, you’ll be invited to enter to win a free NBTS gift package.

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Glioblastoma can affect…

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Glioblastoma patients have many effective
treatment options, once diagnosed...

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Glioblastoma survival rates have improved
dramatically in recent decades...

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Patients and survivors of glioblastoma don’t experience
any negative effects from their tumor and treatment

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Caregivers of GBM patients experience no challenges
of their own when caring for their loved one...

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Glioblastoma is inexpensive to treat...

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There is hope for a brighter future for
GBM patients & their families...

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What does the Glioblastoma Awareness Day Resolution that NBTS championed in Congress call for:

Thank you for taking our quiz and testing your knowledge of glioblastoma and its impact on the more than 13,000 families who will grapple with a diagnosis each year. We hope this quiz helps reinforce the urgent need to honor and act for those affected by GBM.

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