Break Down Barriers to Clinical Trials

Take action now to improve research and provide access to clinical trials!

Contact your members of Congress and ask that they support the Clinical Treatment Act (H.R. 913), a bill which would guarantee coverage of the routine care costs of clinical trial participation for Medicaid enrollees with a life-threatening condition. Participation in clinical trials is vitally important to improve brain tumor research and accelerate the development of new drugs and treatments for patients. We must make sure that there are minimal barriers for patients to enroll in clinical trials.

Here’s why this bill is important: Unlike Medicare and other major insurers, Medicaid is not federally required to cover routine care costs (like physician visits, MRI scans, and laboratory studies) associated with clinical trials. The cost of the investigational device or drug would still be covered by the trial sponsor. As many as 42.2 million Medicaid patients are potentially without this needed coverage.

Clinical trials often provide patients with life-threatening conditions the best — and perhaps only — treatment option for their condition. Covering routine costs of clinical trials for patients with Medicaid coverage could help to reduce health disparities and ensure access to high-quality, high-value care. This legislation would have a minimal effect on overall care costs since, in most cases, these costs consist of coverage for care that patients would be receiving anyway, if they were not enrolled in a clinical trial.

Clinical trial participation benefits brain tumor patients in ways that go beyond the value of the research data generated within the trial, and clinical trials may provide patients with their best clinical option.

It only takes a few minutes to contact your Representative and Senators to support Medicaid coverage of routine care costs associated with clinical trials – take action now!