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May 5 - 7, 2019 | Washington, DC

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Registration Questions – Registration is now closed

  • Is there a fee to register?

    No, there is currently no fee to register. However, please consider that the National Brain Tumor Society incurs a significant cost for those who cancel close to the event, or who do not show up. Therefore, please only register if you intend to participate in the event. If you must cancel your registration, please do so by Monday, April 29 by contacting Kacey Troy Ribnik at or 520.762.4544.

    If you would like to make a donation in lieu of a registration fee to help offset the costs of Head to the Hill, please follow this link.

  • I am interested in attending Head to the Hill, but don’t know yet if I can. Should I still register?

    Space is limited, so we strongly encourage you to do everything you can to make a decision as early as possible. However, the National Brain Tumor Society incurs a significant cost for those who cancel close to the event, or who do not show up. So we do ask that you consider waiting to register until you are sure you can commit to attend Head to the Hill on May 5-7.

  • Would knowing more help you make your decision?

    View this pre-recorded informational webinar to hear directly from advocates who have attended in the past. Click here to view the informational webinar.

  • Is it OK to use my office or PO Box address to register for the event?

    No. We use your address to find which congressional district you live in to schedule the correct meetings for you, so it is very important that you use your home address when you register.

  • My family member and/or friend is planning on accompanying me to Head to the Hill. Do they need to register?

    Yes. Everyone who is planning on attending Head to the Hill must register SEPARATELY. Not only is it critical for scheduling meetings during our lobby day, but we also need an accurate headcount for catering and seating arrangements on training day.

  • May someone who is not registered for the event accompany me?

    Due to space constraints, we are unable to accommodate anyone who is not pre-registered. Please contact Kacey Troy Ribnik at or 520.762.4544 to check on the registration status of an individual who may be accompanying you.

  • I would like to take part in Race for Hope-DC. Do I need to register separately?

    Yes. Race for Hope – DC, on Sunday, May 5, is an inspiring event and a great way to get motivated before our Hill visits — but you will need to register separately. Please click here for more information on Race for Hope – DC and the Head to the Hill team.

  • I know that I can’t attend the event in person but would still like to participate in some way. How can I be involved?

    Look for announcements in April about other ways to get involved for those unable to travel to DC in May. You may also consider donating to the Head to the Hill Scholarship Fund to help someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend the event due to the associated costs of travel and lodging.

  • When is the registration deadline?

    Registration for Head to the Hill 2019 is now closed.

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Travel and Accommodation Questions

  • For information about traveling to and from Washington, DC, as well as hotel information, please visit our Travel Information page.

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Head to the Hill Meeting Questions

  • Will I meet with my members of Congress by myself?

    No. Head to the Hill participants will be coming from all across the country. National Brain Tumor Society will arrange all of the appointments for you based on your home address. You will be grouped with other advocates from your city, state, or region, and, at times, may also be accompanied by National Brain Tumor Society staff or volunteers. Please note that it is very important that you do not set up your own appointments! If you have special contacts with members of Congress or their staff, please contact our Public Policy and Advocacy team right away ( or 520.762.4544).

  • Who will I meet with and what will the meetings be like?

    Head to the Hill meetings are often small group meetings — sometimes even just 3 people in a meeting room — so it’s not as intimidating as you may think it is to meet with members of Congress or their staff.  You’ll also have other advocates and NBTS staff and friends with you to help you feel as comfortable as possible. The meetings are often with key staff members that advise the member of COngress. However, it is possible that the member of Congress will also join the meeting, his/herself.

  • May I set up my own appointments with members of Congress?

    No, we ask that participants not contact any congressional offices directly to schedule appointments. If you have special connections with individual members of Congress or their staff, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we may take that into account as we are scheduling. Please contact Kacey Troy Ribnik at or 520.762.4544 with any concerns or questions.

  • Will I be able to go on congressional visits with my friends or family from other parts of the country?

    We try our best to accommodate this type of request. Please contact Kacey Troy Ribnik at or 520.762.4544 to see if this is an option for you.

  • Will I receive training on the topics we’ll be discussing at our Congressional meetings?

    Yes, we will make sure you have all of the tools you need to be an effective advocate, including education on the policy matters we’ll be discussing.

    Also, please make sure to visit the Legislative Agenda page to learn more about the topics we’ll be discussing.

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General Questions About Head to the Hill

  • Do I need to participate in the whole training session on Monday, May 6?

    Yes, all participants must attend the full training session on May 6. We will cover critical topics such as new information that you can use in your meetings and what we will be asking Congress to do. Please note the messages that we will be delivering can differ year-to-year.

    The training will also include time for you to meet the others from your state who you will be advocating with and to strategize about who will say what during your meetings. Need another reason to attend the full training? Your meeting schedules will be distributed during the training on Monday.

  • Who else will be attending Head To The Hill, and how can I connect with them ahead of the event?

    Please visit our Facebook Event Page for Head To The Hill 2019. This is where attendees can connect, ask questions about the event, and meet each other ahead of May 5-7. Please join the Facebook Event and connect!

  • I love to use social media. How can I connect with event information, and others attending Head To The Hill, through social media?

    There are a number of ways that we’d love to help you connect using social media! Participate in the event conversation on Facebook by joining the official Head to the Hill Facebook Event. Follow the National Brain Tumor Society on Twitter for updates and conversation right before Head To The Hill, and all day May 5– 7. To participate in the social media conversation, be sure to use the hashtag #Head2Hill as well as #btvoice when tweeting and posting to Instagram.

  • I have mobility impairments or need the assistance of a scooter or wheelchair to travel longer distances. Will I be provided with mobility assistance and is Capitol Hill accessible?

    Our goal at the National Brain Tumor Society is to make sure all of our advocates can fully participate in Head to the Hill. We will provide scooters or wheelchairs to those who require them, as well as accessible transportation for travel to and from Capitol Hill. However, it is very helpful if you communicate your requirements prior to arriving at the event to Kacey Troy Ribnik at or 520.762.4544. Capitol Hill is accessible.

  • I’ve read all of the answers, but I’m still nervous, as I have never been an advocate before. Anything else you can tell me?

    It’s okay to be nervous! Many of us were the first time we advocated Congress, too. Please join us for an informational webinar to hear from advocates who have attended in the past on Wednesday, February 13th at 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

Be assured that we will give you all of the tools you need to walk into your meetings feeling confident. Also, you will be surrounded by other brain tumor advocates, as well as National Brain Tumor Society staff, who will be with you and supporting you. You can always ask your questions and connect with others who will be attending Head to the Hill through our Facebook Event. Many have attended before and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have ahead of May 5-7.

If you want to talk more about the experience to replace anxiety with energy and excitement, feel free to reach out to Kacey Troy Ribnik at or 520.762.4544. Kacey is also available to help with any other questions you may have.