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NOTE: All participants must complete online trainings as well as one live training to participate in Congressional meetings.


Head to the Hill Advocate Agreement

THANK YOU for making the choice to participate in Head to the Hill and to be a volunteer advocate with the National Brain Tumor Society! With your personal story and passion, added to the stories and passion of all the other advocates, we know we can make a significant difference for the brain tumor community.

In order to make sure all of our combined efforts are successful during Head to the Hill, we ask you to take a moment to read the following guidelines and sign this agreement of goodwill and respect:

I, the undersigned (AKA “the Volunteer”), agree to serve as a volunteer advocate for the National Brain Tumor Society (“NBTS”) and to follow these guidelines*:

  • Volunteer Status: The Volunteer understands that NBTS will not pay for his/her services or cover him/her under any insurance policy. If for any reason the Volunteer needs to incur an expense on behalf of NBTS, there will need to be prior approval given by NBTS staff to receive a reimbursement.
  • United Voice: You may have many issues that you want to discuss with your Member of Congress. For Head to the Hill, we all agree to talk only about the National Brain Tumor Society’s Legislative Agenda as outlined during the training. If you have other issues you want to discuss, reach out to your Member of Congress at another time. We are most powerful when we all stick to a single, unified message!
  • Goodwill and Respect for Fellow Volunteers: Each person who participates in Head to the Hill has something important to share. However, we know that sometimes meetings may be compressed and time will be limited. It is ESSENTIAL that all volunteers respect each other and not monopolize the time. Be thoughtful in sharing your story to ensure that everyone will have the chance to talk. Work with your group leader to coordinate meeting with all volunteers in your group. If one person monopolizes the meeting time, the group should gather after the meeting to politely discuss the situation and ensure that all members are respected and everyone is given the opportunity to share their story.
  • The Volunteer shall follow NBTS’s procedures, policies and standards, including those related to safety, equal opportunity, and attendance. As a representative of NBTS, the Volunteer shall conduct oneself in an appropriate, professional and ethical manner.

**A contact number will be provided at training to address any issues the day of the event should further assistance be needed

**Failure to comply with the above principles may result in your inability to participate in Head to the Hill 2021 as well as register the following year

  • Release for Use of Name, Voice and Likeness: We will take photographs and video during Head to the Hill that may be used to promote the work of the National Brain Tumor Society. The Volunteer hereby grants NBTS the right to use, publish, reproduce, display and distribute the Volunteer’s name, likeness, voice and any other identifiable representation of the Volunteer captured by NBTS during the related event in furtherance of NBTS’s mission. The Volunteer makes this grant of rights with the understanding that no compensation will be paid to the Volunteer for such grant.
  • Release from Liability: The Volunteer agrees that NBTS and their agents shall not be liable for any injury that the Volunteer may incur while volunteering for NBTS, and the Volunteer hereby releases and discharges NBTS and its officers, contractors and their successors from any and all actions, claims, or demands that the volunteer, his/her heirs, guardians, and legal representatives now have, or may have in the future, for injury or damage resulting from the volunteer volunteering for NBTS.

Many thanks for attending Head to the Hill and for being a voice for the brain tumor community!