This is Why I Head to the Hill: 
Jeremy Pivor

My name is Jeremy and I’m a 28-year-old graduate student, brain tumor survivor, writer, and advocate and I will be participating in the virtual Head to the Hill event this year.

I was originally diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 12 with an oligodendroglioma and had a recurrence 11 years later when I was 23.

Two years ago, nine months into starting school, I was diagnosed with another recurrence. After an awake brain surgery, I received news that the remaining inoperable tumor had evolved into a more aggressive form. Given the lifespan and unique molecular characteristics of my tumor, I do not fit into any standard therapies or trials. I’m an N of 1. After completing radiation that October, I went under a variety of experimental treatments including my current immunotherapy infusions.

I advocate at Head to the Hill because the brain tumor community deserves more treatment options. I have seen research exponentially increase since my original diagnosis, but in 16 years my cancer has outpaced these advances.

This must change, and now is the time for that change.

During Head to the Hill, you can ask your members of Congress to continue their commitment to the brain tumor community by increasing appropriations for medical research funding through the federal government, including the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. No child, no person, should have to navigate life from recurrence to recurrence. We need more research and treatments, and Congress has the power to help make that happen.

Join me in pushing them to act.

Your voice matters.

We need your voice with us at Head to the Hill 2020. Like the story above, your experience and connection to our shared cause can have a tremendous impact. If you’re ready to join a powerful community driven to create positive change for brain tumor patients, families, and survivors, sign-up to Head to the Hill with us in May 2020.