In-District Meeting Toolkit: Unable to Schedule an In-District Meeting During August Recess?


If a meeting time isn’t available with your member of Congress or a staff member, you can stop by their district office during regular business hours to drop off information on the policy matters affecting the brain tumor community.

If you’re not sure who your members of Congress are, look them up at: and

On the same websites, you can find a listing of office locations. Find the location in your state, and if there are multiple locations, pick the one that is closest to you.

Print out a copy of our issue briefs and state specific fact sheets to bring with you to the office, and bring either a business card or a note card with your name and address on it. Once you’re there, you can speak to the staff member at the front desk. Here’s a suggestion on what you could say:

“Hi, my name is _________ and I live in _______. I am a constituent of Representative/Senator ______ and a volunteer advocate with the National Brain Tumor Society. I wanted to leave some information here to pass on to the Representative/Senator while she/he is home. These flyers have information on the policy matters affecting the brain tumor community, including medical research funding, and pediatric cancer research and drug development. I’ve also included information on how brain tumors affect our state. Could you please pass this on to (Representative/Senator)__________? Thank you for your time and attention.”

Provide your contact information when you drop off the materials.

Questions? Please contact your National Brain Tumor Society advocacy partners at