In-District Toolkit: Planning and Preparation are the Keys to Success

Pre-Meeting Planning

  • If you plan on attending with friends, family, or other advocates in the area, talk together to create your plan.
  • If you are attending as a group and haven’t met in person before, it may be helpful to meet even earlier at a location nearby to review your plan for the meeting. This meeting prep form may help you to determine the flow of the meeting, determine a group leader and decide who will cover the different topics that need to be discussed.

Research your elected official

  • In addition to reading the information on his or her Congressional website, ask your friends and neighbors what they know about your Representative.
  • Since your member of Congress lives in the area, you could have friends in common or have attended the same school. It’s good to know that information and mention it during your meeting to make a personal connection.

Prepare meeting materials