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With MyTumorID, I decide.

Every brain tumor experience is unique, and every patient deserves a better chance at survival, a better chance at an adequate quality of life, and the best information available to make decisions for their treatment.

With the launch of MyTumorID, the National Brain Tumor Society commits to educating patients and their care partners about the value of biomarker testing and clinical trials, empowering patients to ID their tumor, know their options, and make informed decisions about their treatment. Additionally, we are partnering with providers and other health organizations to increase awareness and access for patients. Together, we can raise awareness about the importance of biomarker testing, demystify the often intimidating prospect of enrolling in a clinical trial, and advance the field of neuro-oncology.

“You have a brain tumor.” Now what?

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Recent advances in the field have led to new guidelines that highlight the importance of both biomarker testing (WHO) and clinical trial participation (NCCN) to the care of patients with brain tumors. Yet, according to a recent survey, nearly 70% of patients with brain tumors report not understanding what biomarker testing is, and 42% of respondents were unsure whether biomarker testing had been performed on their tumor. Additionally, more than 60% of patients reported that their health care providers never mentioned clinical trials as options for their treatment.

Together, we are working to equip more patients and their loved ones with information that empowers them to make the most informed decisions about their treatment. Sign up to receive information around biomarker testing, clinical trials, and more, including updates, educational materials, ways to raise awareness, and future action alerts.


Did You Know?

First-Line Treatment

Clinical trials are a recommended initial treatment option after surgery for many brain tumor types, according to NCCN’s 2023 guidelines.

8 Percent

Only about 8% of people with cancer participate in a clinical trial, according to an ACS-CAN landscape report.

2021 WHO Classification

The most recent updates to the classification of brain tumors emphasizes the importance of biomarker testing in the diagnosis of brain tumors.

While continued investment and concerted drug development efforts are certainly needed, the precision medicine era has arrived for patients with brain tumors. With the World Health Organization’s two recent reclassifications of central nervous system tumors in 2016 and 2021, patients with brain tumors need more precise diagnoses. We want to ensure that brain tumors undergo comprehensive biomarker analysis and that patients and their care partners better understand and have improved access to clinical trials and expanded access options that might be their best source of care.

David Arons, NBTS President & CEO

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Want to get involved? Help us raise awareness by sharing the infoboxes below about biomarker testing and clinical trials with your social networks and health organizations. Also keep an eye on our NBTS channels to reshare our posts about MyTumorID topics. All patients and their care partners deserve to be equipped with the tools they need to make the best decisions for their care.

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