Fefe’s Fight

Fefe’s Fight


It so hard to believe that its been 13 years since my first diagnosis.

My tumors, yes plural (3) total plus a brain anerysum and Intracranical Hypertension with 6 shunts and several revisions. I have stopped counting the spinal taps.

I’m finally at the point my NS wanted me to get a second opinon
No NS in my state would touch me. So searched and found a Dr. in nearby state that has taken me on. So far an ICP monitoring from new NS waiting to see what lies ahead.

So as you see I have several things going on in my head.

We have GOT TO FIND A CURE! I’m running out of names for my tumors.
If you had as much going on in your Brain as I do the only what to handle this is with HUMOR.

Thank you

Phyllis Beach