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Signs & Symptoms Brain Tumor Glossary

An estimated 94,390 people in the U.S. will receive a primary brain tumor diagnosis in 2023. The resources below will help you throughout your experience.

Signs & Symptoms

There are 100+ distinct types of primary brain tumors. Each type has its own spectrum of presentations, treatments, and outcomes. Explore the most common signs and symptoms of a brain tumor.


It can feel overwhelming when you receive a brain tumor diagnosis. NBTS has put together resources to help you navigate this stage of your brain tumor experience.

Treatment Options

Treatments for different brain tumors will depend on symptoms, location and biological aggressiveness of the tumor, the extent of possible surgical resection, and the tumor tissue pathology characteristics.

Stages of Treatment

These resources are intended to help ensure every patient gets the most personalized treatment possible. You can access key questions, treatment options, and much more in this section.

Additional Resources

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