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We are laser-focused on powering the most promising science to bring new treatments to patients, faster.

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Patients and caregivers are our priority. We focus on groundbreaking research initiatives with the potential to translate promising science from the lab into treatments that improve survival and quality of life.


Uniquely poised to drive change and progress throughout the drug discovery and development pipeline, our initiatives and programs further knowledge and deliver results to our community.

30+ Sites

that the GBM AGILE clinical trial has expanded to recently to evaluate three drugs

2 Sessions

hosted by NBTS to convene experts in the field this past year for a Research Roundtable

1 Launch

of our new flagship research initiative, the DDR Consortium, in 2022

Workshops & Meetings

Join our diverse community and discuss the critical issues and opportunities facing all stakeholders engaged in treatment development, research, and oversight of research and products for patients with a brain tumor.

Clinical Trials

The purpose of a clinical trial is to determine the most effective and safest treatment for a disease, helping to translate research into new medicines that can provide better outcomes for patients.

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