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Stages of Treatment

While everyone’s experience with a brain tumor is unique, find information below about the most common stages over the course of treatment.

Before Surgery

Once you are diagnosed, your team may encourage you to have surgery as soon as possible. There are certainly many questions to ask and factors to consider about the timing of your surgery.

After Surgery,
Before Treatment

Once you have a medical team in place, ask questions and talk to them about all available treatment options, including clinical trials, before you decide what care you need.

During Treatment

It’s not uncommon to initially feel worse after any surgery or cancer treatment. Learn about what you can expect and review key questions to ask during this stage.

After Treatment

Now that treatment has concluded, you may be dealing with symptoms or side effects. As with any point in the brain tumor experience, there are many considerations to manage your quality of life.

Clinical Trial Finder

It can be confusing and overwhelming to understand which clinical trial may be best for you or a loved one. ​Our Clinical Trial Finder tool enables you to search for a local clinical trial for your specific tumor type.

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