My God and Family Were My Strength

My God and Family Were My Strength


My story started back in June with massive migraines and going blind. At first I told my family it was cyst and nothing to worry about, little did I know that I was the one worried…

I wasn’t sure what having Meningioma was or how to react to it. I was scared and I started reading about it online and doing research…I had back to back MRI’s and they told me I was diagnosed with a tumor. After talking with what seemed like so many Doctor’s I felt so dizzy, not sure what to do or how to treat it and these headaches didn’t help. I sat with my Doctor and he went over the 1% of things that could go wrong and I cried not knowing what to do and he also told me that he felt that I didn’t need to go through with it and that we would wait to see if the tumor would grow but that it would be completely up to me.

I left his office so scared and unsure what to do, that night I prayed so hard and I asked God to please help me. I sat with my mom and talked to her and told her how I was so scared and I felt like I needed to do this. After a couple of days of talking to my husband and talking to my 5 kids I was able to finally say I wanted to do this. I called my doctor’s office and told them I was ready to do this and lets start setting it up. I went in to do one more MRI and I called my family with the date of my surgery.

The day of the surgery I was so scared but I had to be strong and brave and up until they were ready to take me I told my family I loved them and that I would see them soon. My surgery was supposed to be 5hr long but they finished in 3 and half hours. From what I was told the tumor did grow and they had to move my brain over to get to the tumor, and with all the details of my surgery I can say that God was with my doctor and his staff. That day after they took me into ICU I was out of it, I know all my family was there and I got to see my aunts and uncle and my mom wouldn’t leave for nothing.I felt so blessed to have them all there with me I think that this journey wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

My God and family were my strength and then my friends poured in with all there love for me and I now know that I am super blessed.