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Head to the Hill Testimonials

Head to the Hill is an empowering event that brings volunteer advocates together from around the country to urge policymakers to take action. The day- of training is designed to connect participants with other advocates in their district or state, effectively share their stories, and help make progress on the Hill on behalf of the brain tumor community. But don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials below to learn more about why participants return year after year.

Attending Head to the Hill our first year was really all about sharing my mom’s story after she passed away from glioblastoma (GBM). We had to do something about it, and we had to tell people about her. We also wanted to be a part of building a better future for other GBM patients. We’re not just going to sit on the sidelines and hope something changes. We’re not medical people, so we’re not going to be touching the vials and the tubes and doing all that microbiology stuff. But we’re going to be on Capitol Hill, pounding on doors, saying ‘give these people money because this is what they could do,’ and building a better future for other folks.

Shawn C.
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What NBTS is doing is so important because they can push the need for research and how it benefits this whole community. It’s sad to look at the numbers and see how much is allocated for brain tumor research. You have to advocate for money and push for the research for the government to increase funding. I think it’s important for the policymakers to understand that this brain tumor community needs help.

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The goal of the day is for the patients or caregivers to tell their stories, and I was there to be supportive. It just sends a stronger message that everyone is invested in this cause, and it’s important enough for the doctor to come and say, ‘Getting funding for this research is important, and recognizing that brain tumors have a huge unmet need is important. What can we do to try to increase the priority for this?’ I think there is added value to having physicians or other health care providers be a part of this event because we see how brain tumors impact people across the breadth of the condition. When this is your profession and your calling, it feels good to be able to help in a different capacity than you normally do.

Nicholas Blondin, MD, Yale Cancer Center
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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ This African proverb truly embodies how I feel each year at Head to the Hill. It is something about uniting — in person or virtually — sharing our stories and amplifying our voices for the greater good of the brain tumor community. The journey to a cure is long, rocky, and unclear at times. Together, we can and will go the distance!

Billi E.

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