Brain Tumor Recurrence

brain tumor treatment options

Unfortunately, many brain tumors can recur even after successful surgery and standard treatments. You need to be aware that tumor recurrence is a potential reality during the brain tumor path. If you are diagnosed with a recurrent brain tumor, you will want to consider how additional treatments can impact your quality of life, in addition to survival. You may feel like you are starting from square one again, but that is not true, because your past knowledge gained and experience with a brain tumor provides you with a significant advantage toward treatment planning and recovery. You should be aware of all recurrent treatment options, questions and open clinical trials that could potentially help you if you are diagnosed with a recurrent brain tumor.

Recurrent Treatment Options

When a brain tumor recurs, there are often changes to the genetic composition and behavior of the tumor, because of this and safety issues, it may not be possible to treat the recurrent tumor the same way as the previous tumor.


Novel Treatment Exploration

If you want to explore new treatments that have not yet been approved for use in brain tumors by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are a few options.


Key Questions

It is critical that brain tumor patients, caregivers, and medical providers know which crucial questions and health care issues need to be addressed from the time of diagnosis and throughout the entire brain tumor experience.