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Fundraise Your Way

Show your support for #GBMDay your way. Plan a fundraiser or event of your own to raise funds in support of Glioblastoma Awareness Day. Because it’s time for a better chance.

Create your own GBM Awareness Day event

Bring together your family and friends by creating your own fundraiser or event to conquer and cure brain tumors.

Put meaning behind your miles

Take on a Gray Nation Endurance® challenge and commit from start to finish to conquer and cure brain tumors — once and for all.

Start a Facebook or Instagram Fundraiser

Invite your friends and family to support brain tumor research and advocacy initiatives directly through Facebook.

Create a fundraiser for #GrayMay from an Instagram post. The fundraiser will be visible in the post and you can direct your friends to visit a link to the fundraiser in your bio.

Add a donation sticker to allow your friends to donate to the National Brain Tumor Society right from your story.

You can also start a fundraiser for the National Brain Tumor Society on Instagram Live. Viewers will see an option to donate at the bottom of their screen for your entire live video. They’ll also be able to see that you selected NBTS, and how much money you’ve raised so far.

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