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2023 TCS NYC Marathon Charity Runner Application


Thank you for your interest in running the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon on behalf of the National Brain Tumor Society! We are accepting applications for both runners who will obtain a bib through NBTS and runners who have secured a bib through another source, such as the race drawing, 9+1 program or qualifying. 

NBTS is evaluating applications based on applicants who have a connection and/or passion to further the NBTS mission, the ability to meet and exceed the $3,200 fundraising commitment for runners obtaining a bib through NBTS, and the ability to safely train for the 26.2 mile race.

As a runner, you will receive:

  • Official race entry to the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon as part of the National Brain Tumor Society’s Gray Nation Endurance Team (for runners obtaining a bib through NBTS)
  • A personal fundraising page and fundraising tools
  • Communication from NBTS staff throughout your race experience 
  • Gray Nation Endurance team swag 

Application and Acceptance Process:
When you’ve completed your application, please email to confirm receipt of your application. Once received, an NBTS staff member will reach out regarding next steps. If accepted, NBTS will notify you by email. 

Applicant Name(Required)
Mailing Address(Required)
Do you anticipate your mailing address will change in the next several months?(Required)
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Emergency Contact Name(Required)
I heard about the National Brain Tumor Society's Gray Nation Endurance team from:(Required)

Application Type(Required)

MY “WHY”:(Required)
Please share your connection to brain tumors.

Are you running in:(Required)

In connection with the individual you’re running on behalf of, please share their brain tumor type. If you’d prefer not to say or if it’s not known, please leave blank.

My personal fundraising goal for the National Brain Tumor Society’s Gray Nation Endurance team is: (While the fundraising commitment is $3,200, why not aim higher? NBTS doesn’t hold you accountable for any goal amount over the $3,200 fundraising commitment)
My company plans to support my fundraising efforts:(Required)

NBTS accepts runners of all ability levels. The below is for NBTS to better understand how to support your training needs.

My current running level:

For the social media you actively use, please indicate the below for your personal accounts.

Facebook name:
Instagram username:
Twitter handle:
LinkedIn name:
Other (please specify):
I have a blog:
I have a blog:
If Yes, the web address is:

Race-Shirt Size:(Required)

Do you know someone who would like to also run with the National Brain Tumor Society’s Gray Nation Endurance program in this race or another race? If so, please enter their name and email below:

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