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2nd Tumor 8 Years Later – I Will Survive!

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

2nd Tumor 8 Years Later – I Will Survive!


On Jan. 11th 2006, I had my first seizure and found out that I had a large brain tumor. On February 15th it was removed and found not to be malignant. Six months later they took me off my anti-seizure drugs to see how I did and in August, I had another seizure so I’ve been on Keppra ever since without any side affects. As of today, I’ve only had two seizures in my lifetime.

Every year I go in for my annual MRIs and all have been clear until this past January. 8 years after my brain surgery I have another benign very small tumor on the edge of the large hole in my brain. This May I begin radiation and oral chemo therapy. I’m confident that this treatment will do the trick but I’m not looking forward to the side affects of fatigue and constipation just to name a few of this therapy but I’m a survivor and an optimist.

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