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A Brain Tumor, Who Me?

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

A Brain Tumor, Who Me?


I spent the last 5 years building our family by giving birth to the most beautiful and amazing 4 children. I am a stay at home mom and I have been exhausted what mom isn’t but this past year it was hard to get out of bed I never put any thought to it until I began experiencing the awful pain and indescribable feelings in my head and I began to search for answers: my family physician wrote me off as your 100% healthy finally sent me to a neurologist- tests ordered MRIs, EEG etc… The first MRI – it literally changed my life, the Dr. must see you today! I was confused baffled scared as to why of course they could say nothing, met with him the next day you have a 7 cm tumor, at first I laughed a nervous say what laugh.

The neuro offered no answers off to the neuro surgeon- craniotomy is a must and ASAP, it was Nov, Dr. I have kids and Xmas is coming I can’t have brain surgery yet. Pain got worse and deductibles met, surgery scheduled for day after thanksgiving. What a roller coaster. Path came back it wAs a malignant tumor, so say what I have Cancer? Stage 2 brain cancer???? What is brain cancer? I’ve never really even heard of that, breast yes lung yes but BRAIN???? I’m so young I’m healthy….. I need radiation???

I’ll never forget walking into the oncologists offices, I felt a camaraderie between me and the other bald head covered patients with my “cool” new do of half my head shaved and a “cool” scar it hit me at that moment that I am a cancer patient, I got scared for the first time, the desire to bring awareness to this awful sometimes silent creeper disease. I want to see grey ribbons all over pink is beautiful breasts are beautiful but we can not live with out our brains!

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