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Published on June 11, 2021 in Share Your Story

In 2010 – 5 days following my first craniotomy I participated in the NBTS Boston Brain Tumor Walk.

By the time I was going in for my second craniotomy I knew what to expect. I always knew that the potential for reoccurrence was inevitable. I had done a lot of research about oliodendrogliomas, gliablastomas. Then, all of the sudden a new term Astrocytoma!

If I was going to take on another craniotomy then I needed to see the best. I had a seizure condition that was worsening, and I was losing control of stress in my life. I pushed but cancer was impacting every aspect of my living. I was strong still, but I couldn’t expect people to understand everything I was going through.

I want to thank Dr. Spitz at University of Colorado Anschutz, who has helped make such a difference.

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