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Against All Odds

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Against All Odds


My journey began on April 21,2014. I started convulsing while sitting on the couch. My 185 lb Saint Bernard, Murphy held me down, and began barking in order to alert my children. They contacted 911 and I was sent into hospital.

It was deemed I had an inoperable brain tumor, and given 3 weeks to live. It certainly was a bleak situation. I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant surgeon by the name of Dr. Naresh Murty from Hamilton General Hospital review my case and determine he would do the surgery. It was scheduled and completed on May 26th. The surgery was a huge success!!

My recovery has been nothing less than miraculous Thanks to Dr. Murty’s steady hand and the power of my own positive thinking, I am now tumor and cancer free! I now want to give back and be able to help other people, to make them also say, you know what, this brain tumor has affected me, but I don’t have to give up. I can and will beat it!

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