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Andy’s Fight

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Andy’s Fight


My husband Andy was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Stage IV on Feb. 13th 2013. Here is our story…

When Andy decided to stop drinking Mountain Dew is when he began to get headaches, which we thought was caused by caffeine withdrawal. The headaches lasted about a month or so before he was in bed for 2 days with the worst headache of his life. Veins began to show near his temple because of all the pressure. This is when we went to the ER to find out that he had a large tumor on his left temporal lobe. He was rushed to the hospital and was put on steroids to reduce the swelling for about 3 days before they could perform surgery. This is when we found out that he had terminal brain cancer. 100% of the tumor was removed and Andy undergone radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Five months after his initial surgery he had multiple seizures caused by recurrence of the tumor. On my birthday Oct. 11th 2013 Andy had his second surgery to remove the tumor. This is when they found sarcoma cells within the tumor, changing his diagnosis to a Gliosarcoma. He is now on another chemotherapy treatment that seems to be working so far.

Andy is 29 yrs old and we have 3 children ages 2, 8, and 11. This has affected our lives tremendously. We have been on such an emotional roller coaster this past year, it just all seems so unreal. I have put together a Facebook page called “Supporting Andy” if anyone would like to follow our story. I have read many other stories with families battling brain cancer and am in shock with how many people are going through this. Its a terrible disease and there just has to be a cure out there, somewhere.

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