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Awakened Spirit

Published on October 23, 2014 in Share Your Story

Awakened Spirit


In February 2010, I was diagnosed with a golf ball size meningioma tumor (benign) on the left side of my brain. It affected my pituitary gland and my optical nerve, causing my hormones to not secrete property, and blindness in the peripheral part of my life eye. I was diagnosed on February 6th and had surgery on February 23rd. The delay was due to not having insurance and having to go thru the county hospital.

Thankfully, after a 7 hour surgery, they were able to remove the entire tumor without any problems. I thank God for my recovery, and for everyone around me who cheered me on. My life before this was on autopilot, fast and unfulfilled. This was a huge reality check that taught me to slow down, and has had me appreciate my present life much more. Tomorrow is not promised, so learn to appreciate every moment right now. Being that I have to keep this story short, I am unable to go into great details regarding this journey, however I will say this before I end. This experience truly awakened the spirit within me and showed me the true power of God. I experienced him perform thru the hands of strangers to heal me. I count myself lucky, as I am well aware that not many going thru the same experience are blessed to have the same outcome I have had. I never would have expected this would happen to me. Not in a million years! Thank God I lived to testify!

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