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My Battle With Cancer

Published on December 6, 2017 in Share Your Story

Hello there!

I am Azim Khan, I am going to tell you about my cancer battle.

My cancer battle begins with numbness. One day in Feb 2015, two of my fingers in right hand suddenly lost their sensation. I was residing with my family in Saudi Arabia at the time and we made an appointment to consult a doctor right away. I got my X-ray done to learn about the condition of the spine. When some suspicious spots got to discover, my doctor suggested getting MRI done of my brain.

The MRI set off alarm bells. The image portrayed lesions in my brain and a large mass at the front. My doctor asked me to see a neurologist immediately. After going through many tests, the neurologist was in the notion that I had multiple sclerosis, or MS, which as I understand, may look like cancer.

I was not satisfied with his opinion so I decided to seek another neurologist. I googled to get information over neurologist and fortunately, I got to know about “Clinicspots – India based, The Medical Service Provider ”. They quickly responded to query which I made. They booked confirm appointment with the doctor before my arrival to India which made relaxing that I don’t have to wait for the treatment.

Treatment experience in India

When I arrived in India, Clinicspots facilitated me with the airport pick up and accommodation as well which helped me to trust that will receive proper treatment as they were taking a good care from the beginning.

They directed me to the Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.

On my first visit with the neurosurgeon,I felt concerned. I get informed that my treatment will be conducted under the guidance of Dr Suresh Advani who is “The First Cancer Specialist In India”. The doctor confirmed that I had brain cancer and told me that it could be removed with a surgical procedure followed by chemotherapy and radiation.

I had the surgery on April’15 , and the following day, I felt that my fingers had sensation and there was glitter of happiness in my heart. I just walked out of the ICU. I spent three days at a resort and everything went on smoothly. My neurosurgeon was damn confident that he’d removed cancer. And in doing the treatment procedure, I felt he’d left behind barely any sign of an operation. The surgery was as minimal as possible. My head was shaved a little bit, but it was barely noticeable if I combed my hair. And during interaction with me, my neurosurgeon was honest and straightforward with a caring attitude.

During the next month and a half, I had 42 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation to receive. But I tried to enjoy my life by watching movies, playing cricket though I had some nausea, the medication kept it mild. I followed the super cool advice of my radiation oncologist, who recommended staying as active as I could, rest when I was tired, and follow my normal routines.

I followed a proper diet suggested by nutritionist and it really helped me to tolerate the treatment.

The power is not giving up¬

After completion of the treatment procedure, My life got back to the normal with a touch of energy in me. I truly believe that God has answered the prayers of my family for my speedy recovery.
My experience with brain cancer brought positive changes in me. I believe in the power of not giving up, No matter what roadblock I encountered along the way as my doctors were there to provide treatment with proper attention whenever I needed.

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