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Beyond the Struggle

Published on October 23, 2014 in Share Your Story

Beyond the Struggle


It hit like me like a ton of bricks. Here I was, a strong willed eleven-year-old girl in the 90s having fun, enjoying school getting into a little trouble then “BAM! you have a brain tumor.”

“Why me, Lord?” is all I could ask, after nearly a year of being a lab rabbit of medicines to help control seizures, one of those made me seem crazy, the bricks came again, I had to have it removed. Of course, I was more concerned about my appearance but, NO ONE prepared me for the 20 plus years of ongoing battles with not being clear of how the removal would effect my life from moods, relationships and employment, from advocating, from elementary to co,llege to receive accommodations, being fired from jobs and lawsuits because they refused to deal with a worker whom just didn’t “seem” to get it. Let’s not even talk about the fights with Social Security.I have stories that could wrap around a football field several times to my own personal struggles.

It took 20 plus years to say to myself “You had a tumor, that was successfully removed, you survived, you have learning disabilities and personality quirks NOW WHAT?” I took control of my own life did research on the tumor that was removed, how it effected my life and how I can move forward. I learned my rights as a disabled worker and disability recipient. I decided to LIVE! I want to people to know brain tumors can effect anyone, young or old, they have no race or income boundaries. It not only effects the person but, those around them. Brain tumors can make or break you it’s all about DO YOU HAVE THE WILL TO LIVE?

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