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My Big Brother

Published on November 16, 2016 in Share Your Story

Its been 5 years since the passing of my brother Chris. Funny how it seems like yesterday and sometimes it seems like a lifetime.
I only hope I have done him proud since he has left the physically world. So much of who I am (all the good), is because of who he was and for that I will be eternally grateful.
I’m not sure I ever will ascend to the heights my big brother has achieved in his life. With all that is wrong in the world, Chris exemplified all that is good in the world.
I have a lifetime of loving memories of Chris placed in my heart and soul and for that, I’m a better human being .
Chris was kind, loving, generous, good, giving, funny, smart, wise, had a bottomless heart, and had the greatest soul. This is why I walk to honor my brother.

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