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Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story



This is the story I told at my first NBTS walk, in 2005, which was 2 years after my diagnosis and treatment. A lot has happened since then, my husband and I adopted a beautiful baby girl, who is now almost 6. And now “my story” began 11 years ago, I still get tired and my memory fails me, but I am alive and I am truly Blessed.

I consider myself to be a miracle. I am a cancer survivor.
Two and a half years ago I was a thriving newly married bride who enjoyed mountain biking, wake boarding, singing, and hanging out with friends. I was employed full time as an administrative assistant for a nationally known credit reporting agency. Everything came to a crashing halt when my husband took me to the emergency room at Saddleback Memorial Hospital and within 24 hours was diagnosed as having a brain tumor. Here I am a 29 year old newly married with everything to live and hope for and suddenly my world came crashing in on me. Fortunately, I was surrounded by a loving husband, family, and friends and I have come through it.

The diagnosis was Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4. By all medical predictions, I should have been dead after 7 months. But, I had a lot going for me. I had excellent medical care, a loving family who stayed by my side, literally 24/7, a faith community that kept me in prayer, and a determined will. I had to survive.

It hasn’t been easy to say the least, three years later, I am well on my way to a full recovery. I still get tired, my left hand is not fully up to speed yet, and I have short term memory loss. I am back mountain biking, wake boarding and hanging out with friends.

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned is to never give up and to surround yourself with people who love you. Everyday is a gift and I intend to live my life to the fullest.

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