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A Blessing In Disguise

Published on May 15, 2018 in Share Your Story

No headaches, seizures or symptoms. Just a bad fall down the stairs that would come to serve as a “Blessing in Disguise”. MRI unexpectedly discovered a tumor. Neurosurgeon delivered diagnosis: Oligodendroglioma not related to the fall. Immediate craniotomy scheduled. Panic and fear set in. Support from family, friends and my husband helped me cope. Resection of the tumor and biopsy confirmed an Oligo 2-3. Neurosurgeon wanted clearer margins so second craniotomy scheduled for just 2 weeks later. Second craniotomy performed, MRIs taken, treatment discussed. Strong medications given to prevent seizures and swelling. Family, friends and my husband (my rock) gathered around me and helped out providing love and assistance. Frustration, agitation and light/sound sensitivity made daily functioning difficult. Support made it manageable. Cards, flowers and gifts arrived. Radiation was given daily for 6 weeks along with 42 days of chemotherapy. My hair fell out, my skin got dry and I was exhausted physically and emotionally. Love, support and a great medical team keeps me going. Still taking chemo but feeling good and ready to walk with my Team OLIGONE to help find a cure!

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