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Blindsided by an Astrocytoma

Published on May 18, 2016 in Share Your Story

It was Jan 95. I just turned 29. Been married 2+ years. Son was 13 months old. I never had headaches. No loss of balance. Nothing to indicate that there was something wrong. Life was good and I was wearing shades looking into a bright future. I suffered a Grand Mal seizure and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors found a mass the size of a small lime in my right temporal lobe. It was a grade I/II Astrocytoma. They removed it and sent me on my way. Routine follow up MRI showed regrowth in Jan 98 (now a grade II/III. Removed followed by 10 months Chemo and 6 weeks radiation. Some neuro cognitive deficits (memory/path-finding). Radiation caused loss of hearing in my right ear and double vision in both eyes. Casually knowing me, you would be hard pressed to know that anything is wrong. Closer friends know how I struggle on a daily basis. Now that I am “healed”, I wish there were more resources available to help navigate thru life.

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